360 Izmir

360 Izmir

Submitted on: 23 Aug 17

Category: International Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

360 Izmir – New Highrise, Low Value

360 Izmir is located in the roof of Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Bayraklı.  It is well situated with an unobstructed view of Izmir Bay and offering a 360 view of surrounding Izmir landscape as it is suggested in the name. The restaurant is planned as a high class and elegant place to attract top caliber clients they paid all the attention and effort for you to feel relaxed while paying over priced bill.

The food in general is mediocre in comparison to the price tag, a kind of a fusion kitchen is tried however the result is dissatisfying. Eatinizmir tried the place within a large group and tried many alternatives of none was exceptional. The taste is average the service is in acceptable level when you consider the price tags in the menu. The restaurant transforms into a bar/nightclub after 23:00 and you can watch the live shows and DJ performances. Overall do not recommend 360 Izmir as it is lacking in terms of Price/Performance. However if you are looking for a place which can offer you both the food and the afterparty you can give a chance to 360 Izmir.

How to get there:

Address: Adalet Mh. 1597/1 Sk. No:6/A (Hilton Garden Inn) Izmir/Bayrakli

Phone: +90 232 486 4 360 ; +90 530 893 0 360

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