Altinoluk Mandira

Altinoluk Mandira

Submitted on: 24 Aug 16

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Altinoluk Mandira – Breakfast and more

altinoluk-restaurant-100Founded in 1972 this place is the first place that I know serving breakfast which is extremely popular at the moment. I remember from my childhood the first establishment they have in Güzelbahçe is still operational unfortunately it is not by the sea so you cannot enjoy the view. But this new place in Zeytinalani is by the sea front thus offer a panoramic view of Aegean sea.

Altinoluk is originally a “Mandira” means “Diary Farm” so they produce some of their own food. They continue to offer the same taste since the establishment of the breakfast offer. One side note every single plate they bring immediately as you have requested for breakfast is charged separately  so in case you don’t like one of the things they serve let them know directly so they can withdraw it from the table.

resim2This place is/was and will forever the fastest breakfast serving establishment as they are famous for their constant quality and speed of service. You will have everything you asked for in less than 5 minutes on your table regardless of how busy the place is. For example they serve a special flat bread (bazlama) as soon as you asked for one more it will be in your table in two minutes and smoking hot.

Overall if you are going to try one breakfast place in Izmir, Altinoluk should be your first choice to try nothing fancy but tasty and traditional as you may just wanted. Eatinizmir highly recommend Altinoluk Mandira as the first choice of breakfast in Izmir.

How to get there:

Address: Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Bulvarı No: 228 Aşıklar Çeşmesi URLA İZMİR

Phone: 0232 234 12 12

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