Apropo Levent Marina

Apropo Levent Marina

Submitted on: 22 Mar 12

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Aprapo Cafe: Colors of Tuscany

Levent Marina is the only Marina establishment in the city center therefore provides a unique experience for the sea lovers. Levent Marina is run by one of the famous families of Izmir the Dirinler. Using their experience in industrial investments the marina is also in a smooth run by Melih Dirin.

One of the lesser known and underrated restaurant is Aprapo which is in the entrance of the marina next to the gullet styled bar Jac Bar where you can taste different cocktails and gather around with your friends especially in summer time where you can enjoy the most of beautiful weather of Izmir.

Aprapo has a fresh look and a delicious alterntive to international cuisine restaurants in Levent Marina with a “choose it cook it” approach. So you are expected to choose between chicken, lamb and beef options in any number of pieces your self and they are cooking it however you like. You will additionally choose your salad, appetizers and snacks to start with.

We have tried cheese pane and a special type of pastry (pie)  “Pastirmali Muska Boregi” which is filled with lean dried meat (Pastirma = Bresaola) and some vegetables.  We also ordered a fresh salad (Coban Salata) which keep us satisfied till we have the main course on the table.

The meat was delicious it was totally well cooked and fresh also the way they presented it was really satisfying. They have served the meat dish on top of a candle light which keeps it warm while you are dining. Also there was grilled tomato, green peppers and onions and french fries.

Overall it was a very good experience, the music was good, the food was very good also service was very good. The place is not top notch but will cater all your needs. And one of the most important point is it is the most economical solution inside the marina. The prices are definitely wallet-friendly and will make you happy when you see the bill.

How to Get There

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Address: Levent Marina, Haydar Aliyev Bulvarı No:4 Üçkuyular – Izmir
Tel : +90(232) 259 70 70
Fax : +90(232) 259 70 14
E-mail : info@leventmarina.com.tr

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