Aquarium Restaurant Swissotel

Aquarium Restaurant Swissotel

Submitted on: 04 Mar 11

Category: Fish Cuisine,Greek Cuisine,Turkish Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Swissotel Grand Efes – Aquarium Restaurant

Swissotel is most probably the best 5 Star Hotel in Izmir along with Crowne Plaza and Hilton, however Hilton is a little bit out of date.  Swissotel Grand Efes also host pretty good restaurants which you can enjoy even if you are not going to stay there. One of those restaurants is world infamous Aquarium Restaurant.

Aquarium restaurant get it’s name from the circular shaped windows which gives you an interesting view of outdoor swimming pool of Swiss Otel. The blue color of the swimming pool is an interesting view that you can enjoy. Restaurant offers Turkish and Greek cuisine and mainly based on fish cuisine. When you consider Greco-Turkish kitchen eventually you come across with FISH! May be one of the best fish you will ever taste.

I personally liked the mezes (appetizers)  they offered they were elegant and tasty.  Especially the Fava they made is exceptional the Fava is pretty creamy and you couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Also crushed eggplant with yogurt is also include some sesame paste.

But there was one thing which definitely surpassed my expectations: FRIED CALAMARIS. They were absolutely fantastic! The best I have ever had, it is definitely worth visiting the restaurant just for eating the calamaris alone. They fried the calamaris with farina (maize flour) which gives a characteristic flavor and crunchy taste to the calamaris.

Overall, Aquarium is a classy restaurant with great service and quality food. Restaurant also offers live music (greek music) on Fridays and Saturdays. The music is also enjoyable for most of the people.

Aquarium features large “port-hole” windows into the waters of the swimming pool. A relaxed indoor, outdoor venue, the restaurant specializes in Greek style food and Rembetiko entertainment.
Open from lunch time until late evening, the Aquarium Restaurant operates throughout the year.
Operating Hours: 12:00PM – 10:00PM

How to get there

Swissotel Aquarium

Address: Swissôtel Grand Efes, ızmir

Gaziosmanpasa Bulvari No. 1 35210 Alsancak-Izmir/Turkey

Reservation Tel: (90) 232 414 52 12

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