ArmA Kitap & Cafe

ArmA Kitap & Cafe

Submitted on: 18 Jul 11

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ArmA Kitap & Cafe: Books, good music, and coffee

You are in Alsancak, Izmir’s hangout hub. You have plenty of time on your hands and are looking for a quiet place to sit down, have a coffee, and read a book or a magazine. Where should you go?

ArmA Kitap & Cafe is located in Kordon almost opposite the Alsancak ferry station (iskele) and combines a book-and-music store with a cafe. The view of the sea and pleasant music in the background ensure this cafe enjoys a special relaxing atmosphere. Here, you may buy a book directly from the store, then take one of the tables inside or outside and read it.

The menu includes a breakfast plate (12.50 TL), a selection of salads and sandwiches, as well as pastry, various desserts, and different types of coffee (about 5-6 TL for French press coffee). The prices are at the standard Alsancak rates. The service was a bit slow, but the food was fresh and delicious. This may not be a good place for a quick breakfast, unless you buy a pastry and a coffee, but do come for coffee and a good read.

How to get there

Address: Atatürk Caddesi No:312/A Alsancak/İZMİR, 35220 Alsancak, Turkey
Phone: 0 232 465 07 71

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