Asansör : Revisited

Asansör : Revisited

Submitted on: 21 Nov 09

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Asansör: New chef, new taste

Asansor Restaurant
Asansor Restaurant opens for dinner at 7:30 pm

When I first visited Asansör in December 2007, it was a half-empty restaurant with a breathtaking view and shockingly average food. For a prime location as this, any gustatory disappointment was unforgivable.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who thought so. In February 2009, the Izmir Municipality took charge of the historical Elevator, presently turning it into one of the hottest dining places in the city. The new administration also introduced a new chef, Mr. Mehmet Sirkeci, a choice we cannot but commend.

The restaurant opens for dinner at 7:30 p.m., about an hour before the spectacular sunset over the Izmir Bay. It’s a good idea to arrive a little early to savor the view and have a drink or two in the bar. Reservations, generally recommended, are absolutely a must if you’re visiting on Friday night or over the weekend.

You are served!
The food at Asansor is no longer a disappointment

Upon my first visit since the restaurant changed hands, the food in Asansör finally matched my expectations. My bonfile with veggies, herbs and mushrooms (Isırgan Otlu Fleto Sarma for 19 TL) was delightful. The T-Bone (25 TL) was slightly overcooked if you like your steak rare, but a bloody steak is so foreign to Turkey that this is hardly a crime. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of the more traditional Turkish kebabs, which, rest assured, are cooked just the way they should be.

Coupled with a nice wine, Asansör cuisine finally offers a treat to your taste. And the restaurant’s unchanging trump card – the excellent view of the Izmir Bay and the city skyline make it worthwhile to celebrate any special occasion in Asansör.

For more background on the historical significance of Asansör or to learn the restaurant’s location and contact info, please revert to our earlier post: Asansor: The Best View of Izmir.

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