Batis Inn, Urla

Batis Inn, Urla

Submitted on: 26 Jul 13

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Elena's Review:

Batis Inn, Urla: Seafood Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Brasserie & Patisserie

Among the many fish restaurants flocked to the Urla wharf (Urla iskelesi), Batis Inn truly stands out. Located in a newly renovated historic building, it offers a far more refined, European atmosphere than is common for this area.

The building hosting this seafood restaurant / cafe / inn was built in the 1820s. It served as a customs house in the Ottoman era and then as a Greek tavern in the beginning of the 20th century. It is said the family of the great Greek poet Giorgos Seferis were regular patrons here at the time.

Renovated in February 2013, Batis Inn offers modern and traditional interpretations of Mediterranean cuisine, such as squid stuffed with feta and Gouda cheese, grilled smoked mackerel, and filet of sole served with smoked trout and yoghurt sauce. We found the food delicious but rather expensive (30-35TL per dish), considering that the portions are moderate in size. International patrons will appreciate a bilingual menu.

How to Get There

Address: Iskele Mah. 2122 Sk. No.2 Urla, 35430, Urla-IZMIR
Tel: 0232 752 12 22 (also for reservations, daily: 11.00- 21.00)

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