Bogo Cafe, Sigacik

Bogo Cafe, Sigacik

Submitted on: 26 Feb 13

Category: Mediterranean Cuisine

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Elena's Review:

Bogo Cafe: Cozy get-away spot for wine, coffee, and more

Visitors to Sigacik Fortress, best known for its Sunday’s farmers market, will be pleasantly surprised if they venture away from the buzzing crowds to the corner where Bogo Cafe sits comfortably inside a vine-roofed courtyard. Here, it’s all peacefulness and delectable home-made dishes. Here, Dionysus, once worshipped in the nearby ancient city of Teos, still reigns supreme.

Sigacik has been an up-and-coming gourmet destination since the opening of a marina here in June 2010, and Bogo Cafe is a fortunate example of why this is the case.

With a uniquely local interpretation of low-fat Aegean cuisine, Bogo Cafe offers fish and vegetable dishes, home-made burgers, pizzas, and desserts. Both fısh and cheese-and-chicken meatballs (kofte) were divine. Green tea is brewed in press pots – a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous tea bags from the supermarket. A selection of wines and coffees further make your visit to this cafe in Sigacik worthwhile.

While the portions were medium, the prices didn’t bite either. And if nothing else, do stop by for Şebnem Hanım’s cheesecake. Overcoming the smell of the wood in the burning fireplace, the dessert’s fragrance filled the room, diffused into the courtyard, and tempted even cats to peek in and request a piece.

How to get there:

Sığacık Mahallesi. Turistik Çarşı 9-11
35460 Seferihisar / İzmir
Tel: +90 232 745 7503
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

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