Cigerci Sinan

Cigerci Sinan

Submitted on: 15 Jul 11

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Elena's Review:

Cigerci Sinan: Best liver in Gaziemir

There are two reasons to go to Cigerci Sinan for lunch: (1) if you are in Izmir’s area of Gaziemir and (2) if you are looking to eat quality liver (ciğer) shish. In fact, people come from as far as Urla to Gaziemir just to have lunch here.

Other types of shish and kebab are on Cigerci Sinan’s menu, but liver is the specialty of this clean, unpretentious, and moderately priced restaurant. Ordering five skewers for starters is typical, and you won’t believe how quickly the pieces of liver will be eaten. Each order comes with plenty of lavash as well as greens, onion, salad, and a spicy vegetable-based paste.

Also on the menu
The meat shish was also delicious with just the right amount of fat on the skewer. Either ayran or fermented black carrot juice called shalgam would be a good choice for beverages. If you are ordering shalgam, note that the spicy version (acılı) has a rather strong taste. No alcoholic drinks are served here, as is typical of traditional Turkish restaurants like this. But complimentary tea is offered at the end of the meal, and the typical southern Turkish desserts are as good as they can get north of Adana.

How to get there
Atıfbey Mah. Etiler Cad. No:1/A, Gaziemir Merkez, Gaziemir, İzmir
Phone: +90 232 252 57 27, +90 232 252 62 11

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