Cumba Restaurant

Cumba Restaurant

Submitted on: 21 Oct 10

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Cumba Restaurant – The Best Meat in Town

Cumba Restaurant can be found in an extremely interesting place, while you are leaving Izmir to the direction of Istanbul via motorway just a few kilometers after you left the city you will see the Shell Petrol-Station. The restaurant is just next to the gas station even you can say inside the gas station there is a first class place for your taste.

First you will be escorted by the vale to a lift which will take you two level down in the summer (starting from May) and one level down in winter. During the winter you will enjoy a stone building with a bit of candle light in a romantic atmosphere. In summer you can enjoy by the pool outside facility, both of them are completely discreet and well separated from the gas station. While sitting by the window you will be amazed by the spectacular city view.

One of the most interesting point is that you have one of the widest wine selections in Izmir. You can either order any wine from the menu or you can tell the waiters that you wanted to see the “Mahzen” Wine Cellar. You will be escorted to the cellar to select the wine you wanted yourself.

Waiters on the other hand is something I would like to emphasize, they are both talented and they really know what they are doing. This is based on years of service at high quality and you can pamper your self with the quality of the service. Especially after visiting several countries in Europe I can easily say that this service is way more individual and perfect comparing to the others.

Eatinizmir, tasted and highly recommend “Dana Sirti” Fore Rib Steak, it was an amazing journey of taste most probably one of the best meat dishes I have ever tested. This includes most of the well-known European steak houses. The serve the Dana Sirti with onions and an onion sauce. Although we had tried the Four Cheese Chicken Fillet, it was also really good both taste and the quality of the cheese was good.

I have to mention by the way that Cumba Restaurant is closed on Sundays! actually  it is not so common in Turkey.

How to get there:

Istanbul Cad. 54 B – Bornova – Izmir
Tel: 0232 388 28 50

Cumba Restaurant

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