Dag Restaurant Sigacik

Dag Restaurant Sigacik

Submitted on: 20 Mar 11

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Sea, Mountain, Nature; All in one

Dag (Dağ – Mountain) Restaurant is located in Sigacik (Sığacık) Seferihisar approximately 30 minutes by car from Izmir city center. Holding the Citta Slow label as Seferihisar, the yatch port of Sigacik is also supporting the Citta Slow movement and Dag restaurant is also a member of Slow Food.

You can try a great breakfast or you can wait for the  night to come and try delicious and daily appetizers (meze) and fish for sure. Eatinizmir tried Dag Restaurant for the breakfast this time. Everything was fresh and tasty, they were preparing the mezes they also seemed so delicious and they are definitely fresh which is pretty important for the taste of appetizer.

You are served a regular breakfast with two types of cheese, tomato, cucumber, green olive, black olive, chemen(çemen, is a mixture of some herbs with tomato paste, garlic, wallnuts and red hot pepper could also be added) which was really good, clotted cream with honey, sesame paste and molasses, armola ( a local mixture of different cheeses and yogurt, can be find in Seferihisar downtown in Zeybekoglu Mandira) and of course some crusty hot bread and your choice of eggs (scrambled, omelette, fried etc.) and also black tea.

The place was clean and the staff was really polite and welcoming. There is a great view of Seferihisar bay and also yachts which are passing by. We really enjoyed having a breakfast in Dag Restaurant. You can also stay in the Dag Motel which is located just above the restaurant.

How to get there:

Dag Restaurant

Address: Dag Pansiyon Restaurant, Sigacik Seferihisar Izmir

Tel: 0232 745 72 35

Web: www.dagmotel.net

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