Equinox Restaurant

Equinox Restaurant

Submitted on: 05 Mar 11

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Equinox by Izmir Bay

Swissotel is one of the best hotels in Izmir as we have  mentioned in my previous post where we reviewed Aquarium Restaurant. Equinox is the flag ship of Swissotel restaurants in Izmir. Located at the 9th floor featuring a nice view of Izmir Bay, Equinox offers different menus every time you visit the premises.

For some, finding a different menu is not something fancy because people would feel a little bit insecure with ever changing menu and with the risk of not finding what you came to the place to eat. While others would probably love the idea of ever changing chefs and menus of Equinox which will provide you the chance to feel you are eating in a different restaurant every time.

Either you like the change or you are conservative, you can be sure that you will have classy, tasty and wonderfully served dinner at the end of the day. Izmir have 5 star city hotels like Hilton (Windows on the Bay), Crowne Plaza (Manzara Restaurant), Mövenpick Otel (Margaux Restaurant)  they all offer high quality restaurants but I can vote on Equinox and Manzara as the best two.

As the menu is always changing I am not able to specify anything to eat for your taste. However they will pamper you with the complementary appetizers and you will love it. Last time I visited Equinox they serve fried shrimps with a lovely sauce and it was on the house. It feels really good to be spoiled a little bit.

So if you like classy places with decent atmosphere and great food from starred Chefs, Equinox is a great option. Another tip for all who is going to stay in Swissotel Grand Efes is try to negotiate a good price for an “Executive” room type. So you will have an option to have some free drinks and free appetizers before the dinner ( 18:00-20:00)  in Executive Lounge. Another important tip! Equinox is closed on Sundays.

Swissotel defines Equinox:
Equinox is a quality dining restaurant of the highest standard, serving modern-style preparations of fish and meat dishes in an elegant and contemporary setting. This exclusive restaurant, overlooking Cumhuriyet Square and Izmir Bay, is open for dinner only.
Private dining facilities are also available at Equinox for intimate gatherings and special dinners. Two beautifully designed dining rooms can hold up to 12 guests each. These rooms can also be inter-connected and provide a total capacity for 22 guests.
Operating Hours: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Closed on Sundays.

How to get there:

Equinox Restaurant Swissotel

Address: Gaziosmanpasa Bulvari No: 1 35210 Alsancak, Izmir  Turkey

Tel: +90 (232) 414 0000

Fax: +90 (232) 414 1010


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  3. Elena

    My two cents: If you’re coming to Equinox for dinner only (bypassing the Executive Lounge), make sure to have a drink in Swissotel’s Sky Bar before you proceed to the restaurant. The cocktails they make have been great, and you can enjoy the view of the bay and the Republic Square below.

    Food-wise, menus are seasonal, as EatInIzmir pointed out. You can email Equinox beforehand to know if you like the selection. A cold dish of quail has been good, as were salads and various offers of mushrooms. But I would recommend skipping sushi, ordered in my pre-Sushico days, to have a better selection here: http://www.eatinizmir.com/sushico.html

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