Falabella – Seferihisar

Falabella – Seferihisar

Submitted on: 25 Oct 10

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Falabella – The smallest breeds of horse

Of course we are not recommending you to eat one of these lovely horses! Instead your kids would be much more than happy to ride one of those pony horses in Fala Bella. Falabella is a breakfast house and a restaurant at the same time located in Seferihisar pretty close to the highway exit.

Driving by car in Izmir – Cesme highway you should exit in Seferihisar junction. On the road to Seferihisar you will find Falabella on the right hand side just a few kilometers after you left the highway. So it is pretty easy to get to there and would probably take less than half an hour from city center to Falabella.

As the name Falabella comes from one of the smallest breeds of horse originated in Argentina, you can ride real pony horses in Falabella. This horse rides are arranged for kids in a really acceptable price. Falabella as a restaurant lies in the middle of 17 acres land full of grass, stables and horse tracks. You will enjoy the view of the nature while you are having your breakfast.

Normally Falabella is famous for the breakfast they are serving but they also offer dinners and special parties. You are served with a wide variety of breads, two types of cheese, chemen (a special mixture of herbs, tomato paste and wallnuts), pancakes, two types of olives, butter (tereyag), tomato and cucumber, marmalades,   clotted cream with honey…

They serve scrambled eggs with sucuk (a Turkish salami), cheese (kasseri cheese, kasar in Turkish), pastirma (a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef) or plain. You can also ask for  sausages and sucuk without eggs. As a tradition black tea is a custom to be served and additional beverages are available.

A little bit about Seferihisar

Seferihisar is a coastal district and the center town of the same district in İzmir Province, in Turkey.Seferihisar town center is situated slightly inland at an altitude of 28 m and the urban area extends towards the sea as composed of eight quarters, with some distance among some, and one of which, the neighborhood called Sığacık stands somewhat separately from the rest at a distance of 5 km, and has its own port and made a name as a tourism resort by its own right. Seferihisar is where the ancient city of Teos is located and its highly interesting await further research and discoveries. The district’s literacy level is 99 %.Seferihisar is also a member of CittaSlow movement.

We think Falabella is a place worth to give a try especially if you have kids. However the prices are a little bit higher than some of the places in the neighborhood. Anyway it is all possible to spend a nice Sunday breakfast with your friends and family in the heart of nature.

How to get there:

Izmir Seferihisar motorway across Camli Koyu, Seferihisar / İZMİR
Reservation Tel: +90(232) 236 79 95
GSM : 0(505)451 6934 – 0(532)242 8010
E-Mail :info@fala-bella.com

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