Flu Cafe, Guzelyali

Flu Cafe, Guzelyali

Submitted on: 30 Apr 11

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Elena's Review:

Flu Cafe: A tea garden by the sea

Flu Cafe breakfast IzmirLocated in Guzelyali, a short ferry ride from Izmir city center, Flu Cafe offers a great option to have breakfast under palm trees and chestnuts. Apart from the typical Aegean breakfast, the menu includes a variety of sandwiches, toasts, pastries, salads, coffee, and hookah (nargile) flavors. You could also relax and enjoy the view or play backgammon with friends here.

A word of explanation is due. Flu is the Turkish spelling of the French flou, blurry. But I have to admit I picked a table before I saw the name. The cafe proved a good choice for a number of reasons.

First, the location. Flu Cafe is one good option in a row of attractive breakfast/tea places across the Goztepe ferry station.Flu Cafe seaside Izmir

Another factor in favor of Flu Cafe is its casual ambiance. Sitting in the shade on a sunny day and looking at the sea ruffled by breeze, ferries, and sail boats, one can appreciate the popularity of such cafes in Izmir. Turkish people call them çay bahçesi – tea gardens. Many come just for the view, hookah, and the strong flavor of Turkish tea. There is no rush here, which is the best way to understand the people of Izmir: sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

Price was yet another factor. I had a classic Aegean breakfast for 9.5 TL. That’s an egg sunny side up, tomatoes, cucumbers, goat cheese, yellow cheese, olives, sausage, toasted bread, a pastry, butter, honey, and jam. Add unlimited tea to the mix, and you get the yummy picture. We also tasted the mixed omelet (karışık omlet) for 7 TL and an Ayvalik toast, 5 TL. The ingredients were fresh and prices very competitive for a breakfast place in Izmir with a sea view. My only complaint was the bitterness of the tea. Unless you like strong brews of Turkish tea, make sure to ask its lighter version: açık çay.

Coffee and hookah are two other items worth ordering. If you like Turkish coffee, try damla sakızlı Turk kahvesi. If you smoke hookah, try the cappuccino flavor.

The service was professional and very attentive, although an EatInIzmir business card may have been the magic behind this. Normally, expect to wave or call out to the waiters in such places if you need assistance. They tend to leave you in peace until they get a clear sign from you. Which, I would say, is a good thing.

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Address: Flu Cafe, Mithatpasha Caddesi No: 1146/1-A, Guzelyali, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 0232 246 4440

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