Göz Göz Kokoreç Evi

Göz Göz Kokoreç Evi

Submitted on: 16 Dec 09

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Cheap, Tasty Food in Göztepe

Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi

Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi

Although it doesn’t look like much, Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi is one place in Izmir’s Göztepe area where you can eat cheap, delicious and local food. The biggest attraction is this eatery’s kokoreç, a toasted bread with fried lamb intestines, which offers generous amounts of meat with just the right amount of spices.

Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi is located across from Adnan Saygun Culture Center. It is a small place with just three tables indoors and a couple of tables outdoors, if the weather permits. Open until 1 am, it is a perfect eatery to satisfy the traditional Turkish craving for a kokoreç after a night out. (After living in Izmir for almost two years, I’ve somewhat fallen into the same habit.)

The kokoreç that Göz Göz offers is easy on spices but generous with meat and is probably one of the most delicious examples of this Turkish delicacy that I’ve tried so far. The place has an official certificate stating that it meets the necessary sanitary standards, which is crucial with meals like kokoreç.

It takes about 2.5 hours to prepare the calamari stew

A fresh calamari stew

Apart from kokoreç, Göz Göz offers various types of Turkish and Cypriot foods, meatballs, and soups and stews of the day.

For example, if you come here on a Saturday around 1 pm, you may ask for a plate of calamari stew. One of Göz Göz owners, Ibrahim Capak, goes out on his fishing boat early in the morning each Saturday to get some fresh calamari. When he comes back, his wife, Behiye Capak, cooks them for 2.5 hours, adding carrots, potatoes and spices to offer Göz Göz Büfe patrons a fresh “kalamar yahni”.

The kokoreç here costs 4 TL and the daily stew is about 3.50 TL. You may have ayran, tea or a cup of Turkish coffee with your meal.

Two of Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi owners, Behiye and Ibrahim Capak

Two of Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi owners, Behiye and Ibrahim Capak

The decorations in Göz Göz Büfe range from the traditional evil-eye beads and the portrait of Atatürk to Turkish watercolors, a bow with arrows and the flag of Göztepe football team. This may not be the place to bring your business partners to, but Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi is a good choice to eat local and cheap.

How To Get Here

Göz Göz Büfe & Kokoreç Evi
1192/C Mithatpaşa Cad.
(Adnan Saygun Kultur Merkezi karsisi)
Home delivery and take-out services available

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  1. prdomain

    Wonderful Kokareç delicius.

  2. Elena

    Unfortunately, Goz Goz Kokorec Evi has changed its owner a few months ago, and is currently closed. We will find a good alternative for our readers and will let you know on EatInIzmir.com!

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