Homeros Cafe

Homeros Cafe

Submitted on: 06 Oct 10

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Homeros Cafe – Homeros Vadisi

Homeros is in an absolute unexpected place. Born out of the interest of the owner to the historical figure Homeros, located in the valley which is said to be the hometown of the famous author Homer (Homeros). Mümtaz Öktem, also known as Homeros Mümtaz, is the owner of the place whom turned a years of dream to a reality in the middle of nowhere. He is also the founder of Homeros Culture and Art Association (Homeros Kültür ve Sanat Derneği) which aims to promote the hometown of Homeros, Kayadibi Village – Izmir.

Little history lesson, “Homer (Ancient Greek: Ὅμηρος, Hómēros) is a legendary ancient Greek epic poet, traditionally said to be the author of the epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey” end of the lecture.

Homeros Cafe is delicately decorated place and serves breakfast in the weekends and also serves groups wide range of possibilities from brunches to evening dinners. Eatinizmir enjoyed one of the most tasteful breakfast in Homer Cafe as you can see on the charming photos of Elena.

Homeros Valley (Homeros Vadisi) is a lovely place and it is an unrevealed treasure. You will be amazed by the view from the restaurant. The view is tricky you may even think there is sea lying down actually you can not see the Izmir bay from Homeros. Eatinizmir, strongly recommend you to visit Homeros Cafe but keep in mind that it is necessary to make reservations in advance for bigger groups and dinners.

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Homeros Cafe

Mümtaz Öktem

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