IMSE – Izmir Institute of Culinary Arts

IMSE – Izmir Institute of Culinary Arts

Submitted on: 23 Aug 16

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

IMSE – Prepare your own Sushi

850This time in Eatinizmir we invite you to join our journey in the search of a better food by visiting a daily culinary course from IMSE – Izmir Institute of Culinary Arts. We have visited “Sushi Course” of IMSE a 3 hour course where at the end you can eat your freshly prepared Sushi which is definitely better than below average Sushi alternatives in Izmir. Izmir is unfortunately in the mediocre side of Japanese kitchen especially finding a well done Sushi in Izmir is challenging. With this course we believe we hit the jackpot.

IMSE offers many short-term courses between 4-6 weeks and long term courses around 6 months. For the rest of you who are only interested in food in an amateur level, daily courses which takes around 3 hours are a very good experience. You will learn to cook a specific cuisine or a food like a Hamburger Course, Sushi Course, Cake Making etc. and will enjoy your freshly prepared meal with other course attendants.

Founded by Özger TANIK a chef dedicated himself to teach others and to make the first ever Culinary Arts Academy in Izmir a success is waiting for you to share his experience he has gained especially working with Chef Ferran Adria in Spain. You might call him up to some extend the Jamie Oliver of Izmir at least for now.

Coming back to Sushi, it was a successful and fun experience at the end we have had great time and great sushi. As I experienced also in Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Sushi is an art form and the possibilities are limitless. In a course of 3 hours all you can get is the basics but well you need to learn how to prepare Sushi Mirin in order to make the basic California Roll.

882Overall this is a very good alternative to enjoy alone or with a partner for an affordable price of 120 TL (at least for the Sushi Course) including the full plate 3 nori rolls which is enough to fill you up. We have tried with Salmon, Tuna and Octopus, two standard rolls and one California Roll. As a side note the instructor Chef Özger TANIK can speak English as well so don’t be afraid to join the course even if you cannot speak Turkish and don’t forget to pass our kind regards.

How to get there

Address: Korutürk, Mithatpaşa Cd. 155, 35330 Balçova/İzmir

Phone: (0232) 259 8811

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