Inegol Koftecisi Kemal Usta

Inegol Koftecisi Kemal Usta

Submitted on: 15 Dec 12

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Best Meatball of Izmir: Kemal Usta

If you like small places with adequate facilities than you are in the right place. Inegöl Köftecisi Kemal Usta is a very small restaurant (actually is a diner (“lokanta” in Turkish) which only serves varieties of Köfte (meatball) from a specific region of Turkey which is called Inegol. İnegöl is a city (center of the İnegöl district) in the Bursa Province of Turkey. İnegöl is one of the centers of the Turkish furniture industry, and is also known for its Meatball İnegöl Köftesi, which finds its roots from Pljeskavice brought to the region by Bosnian immigrants (Bosniaks) during the Balkan Wars.

Also delicious salads and piyaz (bean salad) also served along with tomatoes and onions. Yogurt is also served as a side dish. Fresh grilled bread is completing the table for all. We have tried of course the Inegol Kofte as it is the real deal and loved it. It is soft but well cooked and extremely delicious.

As Inegol Koftecisi Kemal Usta is located fairly close to the IAOSB ( Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone) a lot of visitors are either from the companies or their guests. The clientele is extremely versatile as you can see man in suit in one table and a regular worker on the other. Prices are fairly low as you should pay around 5 Euro for Kofte, Piyaz and a drink.

Eatinizmir strongly recommend you to try Kemal Usta if you happen to be in the neighborhood either for business or for pleasure. Especially during summer time this place is on the way of many touristic / seaside locations such as Foca, Dikili, Ayvalik and Cunda.

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Inegol Koftecisi Kemal Usta

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