Kaplan Dag Restorant, Tire

Kaplan Dag Restorant, Tire

Submitted on: 18 Jul 11

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Elena's Review:

Kaplan Dag Restorant: Local herbs and olive oil dishes

About an hour’s drive from Izmir (80 km from Konak) lies a town of Tire famous for its agricultural products and slim, short meatballs in tomato sauce, called Tire köftesi. This is where we head one Sunday afternoon to taste some of the local dishes at Tire’s Kaplan Dağ Restorant. Kaplan in Turkish means tiger, and the story is tigers used to roam the surrounding mountains until, well, civilization pushed them farther away from people.

The restaurant we chose sits on a mountain top in a village called Kaplan Köyü and has a vantage point on the entire town of Tire. We travel on a narrow, winding road with a lovely view of the valley below. The restaurant is cozy, decorated in Aegean-village style with wooden tables, dry corn hanging from the ceiling, clay pots, and evil eye beads, and it offers a good choice of meze—herbal and olive-oil-based samplings—as well as meat dishes. The available meze may vary depending on the season because the herbs come from local supplies and the famous farmers market of Tire (open on Tuesdays). For people drinking raki, keshkek—a dish of chicken mixed with wheat—may be recommended as a starter. The Tire köfte (meatballs) were delicious and truly a local classic. We were also pleased with the restaurant’s offer of the desserts, especially honey-imbued walnuts (ceviz krokan) and curds in black mulberry sauce (karadutlu lor).

When you are in Kaplan Dag restaurant, make sure to check out the backyard with tree stumps for chairs and wooden benches. It is recommended to arrive around sunset for the view and to avoid sitting in the summer heat, which is ubiquitous in Izmir province. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

For the best experience, come after your visit to Selçuk / Ephesus or on a Tuesday, so you can browse the farmers market and see the town’s historic mosques before heading up to Kaplan Köyü.

How to get there
Follow the signs to Tire. Drive past 3. nolu Sağlık Ocağı and follow Köy Yolu (Village road). Travel past Köy Meydanı (Village square) and follow the sign “Kaplan Dağ Restoranı” until you have reached your destination.
Phone: 0232 512 66 52, 0232 511 22 55

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