KEY Restaurant

KEY Restaurant

Submitted on: 14 Jun 12

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

KEY Restaurant: The sunset over the Gulf

We have arrived the KEY Restaurant which is a part of KEY boutique hotel owned by a famous family of Izmir and started operation less than a year ago in the former TCMB (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) building in Konak district, before the sunset around 20:00 which is a great timing if you don’t want to miss this spectacular view of the restaurant.

Normally we were expecting to face some difficulties in parking because there is no parking place around or in the hotel however there is a valuable Valet parking service which makes the problem vanish. So you just have to go to in front of the hotel and leave your car in a temporary position they would deal with the rest.

Starting from the very first moment you entered the KEY Hotel you feel like you are in a top class facility from the staff who greeted you in entrance to very experienced and high quality waiters every single detail is very well thought. As we were lucky to be in the front row of the perfect sunset we enjoyed the view while they were serving the appetizers including, sun dried tomatoes, olives with olive oil, haydari (mixture of herbs with yogurt) and some type of flat bakery also they served a thin slice of bakery with anise seeds which is also a very distinct flavored.

KEY Restaurant offers an international cuisine with a Aegean/Mediterranean touch, so you can find tastes from KEY Kebap to Chicken Schnitzel or different types of fish. They offer interesting cold and hot starters as well as innovative salads. We have tried one of those innovative salads which is an Artichoke  Salad with Orange slices, thin slices of fresh artichoke is season/cooked for 24 hours in orange juice, served with sun dried tomatoes, orange slices, herbs and olive oil. We really enjoyed this extraordinary taste which is quite fresh as well.

Before the main course the creator of the menu, Chef Mustafa Buğday prepared an appetizer plate consist of three taste; salmon with spinach, potato crochet, cheese crochet, all of them very delicious. As a main course we have selected KEY Kebab which is served over a roasted eggplant  bed with Tire (a district of Izmir) style meatballs and lamb filet topped with yogurt and tomato sauce. My company tried Chicken Schnitzel which is very well cooked and served with dried chickpeas and sun dried tomatoes, this was quite tasty too. Both of the plates are very well organized and the presentation is also top class, I have nothing to critique about the food or the service, all of them are inline with the quality of the hotel and the restaurant.

Our excellent dinner end with one of the best in class lemon cheesecake which is really fresh and refreshing too. Gentle touches of the chef in the details of  every single plate is spectacular.

There is only one thing I did not like about the place is how they serve the cold drinks, I personally prefer to see and also open the can/bottle myself. The cold drink we ordered served with the glass directly, I felt like it is from the tap rather than a bottle. Anyhow we did not make any claims about that I believe if I asked for a replacement they would gladly accept.

All in all, KEY Restaurant is one of the top class restaurants in Izmir, considering the food, service and the ambiance which is really well thought and last but not least they offer a spectacular view of Izmir Bay in a very low altitude. Eatinizmir suggest you to pay a visit to KEY Restaurant especially for a romantic dinner or with your friends in bigger groups where you can use their lounge up to 16 people or the VIP room which can accommodate up to 24 people with the biggest LCD TV in Turkey with 102″ screen size.

How to get there:

KEY Restaurant

Address: Mimar Kemalettin Caddesi No:1
Konak, Izmir 35260, TURKEY
Phone : +90 232 482 11 11
Fax : +90 232 482 11 10

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