Kitchenette Agora

Kitchenette Agora

Submitted on: 03 Nov 10

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Ladan Schlichting's Review:

Kitchenette – An elegant surprise

Agora AVM (Shopping Mall) is may be the most fanciest shopping mall in Izmir. Gathering more than 20 cafes and restaurants together in a well build and lightened atmosphere. You can enjoy different tastes like Mezzaluna, Kitchenette, Peximet, Schlotzsky’s, SPR Cafe and so on.

Kitchenette is one of the leading tastes in such an environment. You can either have a drink or dine in the restaurant with a rich menu. Open-air Kitchenette joy with rich food and cocktail selection at Izmir Agora. You can also find one more Kitchenette in Forum Bornova AVM in Izmir.

We just returned from a great dinner at the restaurant chain “kitchenette”. Being Americans living in Izmir we occasionally crave “non-Turkish food”, so when we came across this American looking bistro at the Agora shopping center we decided it was worth a visit. As we’ve learned from our previous experiences one never knows what a Turkish version of macaroni and cheese or nicoise salad is going to look or taste like.

So we were pleasantly surprised to find that all five of our main courses were exactly as we had hoped they would be: authentic in taste and in presentation, and best of all the prices did not break the bank either. We decided we would definitely return next time we are home sick for familiar tastes and sites. Well done to whomever duplicated “American cuisine” in Turkey with such accuracy.

How to get there:

Address: Mithatpasa Cad. No:1446/18 Agora AVM Balcova Izmir

Tel:0232 2791155


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