Kumrucu Şevki Çeşme

Kumrucu Şevki Çeşme

Submitted on: 24 Aug 08

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Kumru as it’s best

Eatinizmir, recommend you to visit Kumrucu Şevki in Ilıca – Çeşme. Ilıca has the best kumru (Turkish-style panini) around and Kumrucu Sevki has the best reputation of all restaurants serving the dish. Kumrucu Şevki founded in 1972 by Arif and Şevki Çilek brothers as a small kiosk infront of their father cafeteria. It didn’t take long for them to become famous of their Kumru with delicios taste and affordable prices.
Kumrucu Şevki is serving delicious Kumru’s 24 hours a day. So you can’t be disappointed by the lack of service or taste. You can visit them anytime you like, we recommend you to try Kumru as lunch but do not limit yourself with only one of them eat as much as you can. Normally one is enough to fulfill an ordinary person. It costs just 5 YTL which is a pretty low price to pay for such a great taste, don’t miss your chance to spoil yourself.
How to get there:
It is really easy to find the place. Just follow “Ilıca” signs when you come to Chesme. Kumrucu Şevki is just located in the center of Ilıca by the sea you can’t miss the sign.
Tel:0232-723 00 93.

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  1. dennise

    I love this sandwich. My husband and I always get one for each, and then split another for just for fun. It is really yummy & cheap.

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