La Cigale, Levent Marina

La Cigale, Levent Marina

Submitted on: 22 Mar 12

Category: French Cuisine,International Cuisine

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Heike Schnetgöke's Review:

La Cigale: Grasshopper by the sea

Two weeks ago a friend of mine took me out for breakfast/brunch to La Cigale.

It was raining cats and dogs, but inside it was very dry, warm and cozy. I was standing infront of the hugh buffet and couldn´t make up my mind what to have first. Everything was realy good. And I have to admitt, I wasn´t able to try it all. Specialy for the the sweet stuff was no space left.

I guess I have to come back and try the rest. And one thing is for sure: I will go back.

It was such a relaxing breakfast/brunch. A piano player was playing in the backround. Well, not much more to ask for on a Sunday Morning.

Well, maybe a real filter coffee, but thats probably just my personal adiction.

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Address: Levent Marina, Haydar Aliyev Bulvarı No:4 Üçkuyular – Izmir
Tel : +90(232) 259 70 70
Fax : +90(232) 259 70 14
E-mail :

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