LKM Köfte

LKM Köfte

Submitted on: 09 Mar 17

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

LKM Kofte: Overhyped meatball sensation

LKM Kofte is a result of great marketing effort end with a mediocre service and meatball quality. The “Kofte” the meatball in Turkish culinary has a special place, like I did, nearly everyone has good memory of a delicious meatball either a relative made on barbecue or a “lokanta” small-restaurant generally in the industrial zones which only make meatball for lunch with unforgettable taste and texture. These memories from the childhood generally kept people searching for the same taste in any fancy restaurant they visit today.

The promise and the marketing of the LKM Köfte is also based on exploiting the aforementioned feeling of the people in search of good meatballs. Unfortunately even though there is a hype regarding LKM with social media campaigns and carefully crafted menus and website the promise of the tasty meatballs from your childhood is miles away from what they are offering.

Overall Eatinizmir tried and tasted couple of options from their diverse menu, the kofte is offered with a platen of sauces unfortunately they are also far from perfection. Unless you are extremely hungry or just passing by it is not worth a visit to LKM Kofte just to try it! Even the show they make with the spread of baked Kolot cheese from the half wheel of cheese couldn’t save the day.

How to get there:

Address: Kazım Dirik Mh. Mustafa Kemal Cd. No:83/B Bornova-İzmir
Phone: 0(232) 343 33 66

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