Lost Cafe Bar

Lost Cafe Bar

Submitted on: 24 Aug 10

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“Lost” Cafe Bar: Great Hookah and Affordable Drinks in Balçova

Cafe Lost is a great place for hookah and drinks in Balcova, Izmir

Located near Balçova Termal Otel and Izmir University of Economics, Lost is a great place for drinks and trying creative blends of hookah (nargile in Turkish). This cafe tends to get pretty crowded closer to 9 p.m., so if you wish to sit outside (recommended in summer and for hookah smokers), come early.

Lost opened in 2007, offering Mexican cuisine, pizzas, a variety of pasta, red-meat and chicken menus, waffles, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and cocktails. Since then it became a popular meeting place for people from nearby districts and guests at the Termal Hotel and Crown Plaza.

“Lost” Cafe Bar features delicious Turkish coffee with mastic (sakızlı kahve), and their alcoholic drinks are very affordable (6 TL for a gin-tonic and up to 15 TL for a cocktail). International visitors especially may also appreciate free Wi-Fi.

Drinks at Cafe Lost are generous and very affordable

Another highlight of Lost is its offer of creative blends of hookah. In addition to the standard aromas of, say, apple or water-melon, Lost has two blends that are worth noting:

  • Angelina: if you feel like having something light and fruity;
  • Lost: a slightly stronger pleasant mix of different flavors.

Red meat and chicken menus, on the other hand, are average. Despite several names on the list (from Fajitas to, surprisingly, Beef Stroganoff on the chicken menu), the dishes mostly come as strips of your chosen meat with French fries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and yellow rice on the side. The pizza menu may offer a more creative choice.

Bottom line: If you are looking for an affordable place for drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, with toned-down music, on a lively street with flowers and palm trees, go straight to the “How to Get There” section.

Lost would also be a great choice if you are a hookah enthusiast. This cafe is not recommended, however, if this would be your first time smoking hookah: Your future hookah experiences elsewhere may simply never match the quality of hookah at “Lost” Cafe Bar!

How To Get Here

“Lost” Cafe Bar
Korutürk Mah. Balçova
Vali Hüseyn Öğütcen Cad. No: 21/A
(in the vicinity of Termal Hotel and Kipa-Balçova)
Tel. 0232-258-2522

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