Otantik Bahce, Sigacik

Otantik Bahce, Sigacik

Submitted on: 31 Jul 11

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Elena's Review:

Otantik Bahçe, Sığacık: Authentic Aegean breakfast in a historical fortress

The fortress of Sığacık (a small town between Seferihisar and the historical site of Teos) is famous for its old houses, authentic small restaurants, and a farmers market that offers fresh produce and handmade souvenirs every Sunday. If you come here for breakfast on Sunday, you don’t even need to sit down to eat. Just walk through the market, buying olives, stuffed grape leaves and pumpkin blossoms, homemade bread and cheese. Or you could get a table in a cool inner garden of a small restaurant and enjoy your börek or gözleme (layered dough stuffed with roasted aubergines, potatoes, herbs, or cheese – or a combination of these).

One place worth visiting in the Sığacık fortress is a family-run small restaurant called Otantik Bahce. It is easy to find when you enter the fortress from the central gate. With a dozen tables in the garden, this restaurant boasts a relaxing atmosphere and friendly service. You can watch your gözleme being prepared, sip fresh homemade lemonade, and chat with the owners (well, in Turkish).

When we visited last week, stuffed grape leaves (sarma) were outstanding. We even asked for a portion to take home.

The owners are accommodating when it comes to your needs and preferences. Even though they had no stuffed pumpkin blossoms made at Otantik Bahce, the owners quickly brought a portion bought in the farmers market. And being local, they really know where to buy good food.

Spare a Sunday for a trip to Sığacık, and you are guaranteed authentic experience and great food.

How to get there
Address: Otantik Bahçe, İnci Ablanın Yeri, 128 Sk. No. 7, Kaleiçi – Sığacık

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