Palamutluk Bahçe Cafe

Palamutluk Bahçe Cafe

Submitted on: 21 Nov 09

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Elena's Review:

Palamutluk Bahce Café: Perfect Place for Barbecue

This cafe boasts 4000-m2 area with tables both indoors and outdoors

This cafe boasts 4000-m2 area with tables both indoors and outdoors

Palamutluk Bahce Café, as the Turkish name suggests, welcomes you to a garden under centuries-old Valonia oak trees. Here peacocks roam free, squirrels play in the trees in summer and the atmosphere of peacefulness and tranquility can make your breakfast or a barbecue party an unforgettable event.

Palamutluk Bahce Café offers some of the best examples of Aegean cuisine, with meatballs, salads, goat cheese and a variety of borek. (Special tip from Eat in Izmir: Make sure you try Palamutluk’s sigara boregi. It has earned highest marks from our food critics when we visited this place in summer 2009.)

In the afternoon, you can request a barbecue grill (mangal) and enjoy best cuts of meat grilled in the open.

Palamutluk Bahce Café is open every day for breakfast, barbecues and special events, including weddings. It is surrounded by extensive gardens of oranges and tangerines in Izmir’s Guzelbahce area and may be perfect for a Sunday’s outing.

Exotic birds roam free in Palamutluk Bahce Cafe under centuries-old oak trees

Exotic birds roam freely in Palamutluk Bahce Cafe under centuries-old oak trees

It is highly recommended to visit Palamutluk Bahce Café when the weather is nice. Although they do have indoor facilities, you wouldn’t want to miss the fresh air with a scent of blooming citrus trees.

Finally, a meal wouldn’t be complete without a cup of Turkish tea or coffee. Both were served fresh here and passed the strictest judgment of Eat in Izmir hard-to-please tea lovers.

Arguably the biggest disadvantage of this place – especially for tourists visiting Izmir – is its distance from the city center. Yet others may enjoy it even more so for being away from the busy city.

How to Get There:

Palamutluk Bahce Cafe:
Buladanalti Kumesi
110 Sok. No: 21 1923/A-25
Guzelbahce, Izmir

Tel: 0232 234 6092


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