Punto Restaurant

Punto Restaurant

Submitted on: 08 Mar 11

Category: Italian Cuisine,Places to Avoid

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Punto Restaurant – Keep AWAY!

Our main approach in Eatinizmir is to display reviews of best restaurants in Izmir to show you how to satisfy and pamper yourself while dining in Izmir. However, we believe that it is equally important to show you the places that you should definitely avoid. Unfortunately, Punto Restaurant is absolutely one of the places you shouldn’t spend your valuable time in.

Punto Restaurant is a typical Italian-style dining restaurant, which is nowhere near a quality Italian restaurant in terms of food quality, service, and general ambiance. The restaurant is placed in one of the most crowded places of Izmir, Kipa Balcova shopping mall. However, you won’t be able to see to many people dining there even in the peak hours.

The place is absolutely over-priced, like a first-class restaurant in Alsancak just by the sea, and offers some not even mediocre food, which is a disaster. I ordered a hot salad with chicken fillet; what I ended up with is a cold salad with some warmish chicken pieces on top. My friend asked for a mix pizza and got a pizza with 4-5 ingredients, if you can call this a mix!?

Last but not least, once we asked for the bill, they delivered a wrong calculation; after I asked for the correction, they have made a change, and this still didn’t correspond to the correct bill. While I was expecting an apology, they were absolutely careless and replied, “Yeah, that happen sometimes and it is none of our problem.” So beware of Punto Restaurant; even if you visit the place after all that review, do not forget to check your bill twice.

P.S. During soccer games they are broadcasting and if there is a game when you are eating, they charge you 10% extra without asking for your consent or any warning in advance. It actually doesn’t matter whether you watch the game or not!

How NOT to get there:

Punto Restaurant

Address: Mithatpasa Cad. İnciralti Mah. No: 1462 Kal: 1 Balçova Kipa
AVM Balçova / İZMİR
Tel:0 232 277 11 22

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