Pizzeria Venedik

Pizzeria Venedik

Submitted on: 03 Jan 09

Category: Italian Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik: An Italian in Izmir

Pizzeria Venedik is a special place to eat in Izmir. It is located in the beginning of famous Gül(Rose) Street and
serving delicious Italian cuisine with a Turkish touch since 1980.
It is one of the best options to eat pizza in Izmir though the pastas they serve also have the same importance and
Every member of the team of Pizzeria Venedik is working together for at least 10 years and almost become a family.
They show great hospitality and aim the best satisfaction for each client.

Inner look to VenedikThe minute you entered Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik you will see the best possible care from the staff. In a nice and
quite atmosphere you will have to taste the very satisfying Italian food from experienced chefs.
In summer maybe it is not the best option to take considering plenty of places with better outdoor facilities, but
if you are willing to tase a successful Italian dish or especially a pizza then Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik is the
right place for you.
Eat in Izmir, recommend you to try; a pasta dish “Tagliatella Quattro Formaggi”. It is really tasty and even better
than the ones you can find in Italy.
Our second recommendation would be the “Special Pizza” of Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik. Mainly in Turkey, special
pizza means, pizza with the most amount of ingredients in it.  If you don’t like mixed tastes then grap a simpler
pizza and enjoy.

Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik has an extensive delicious menu of traditional Italian pizza, pasta, steaks, chicken,
salads, and desserts.
You may like to try some lighter solutions for your hunger therefore Salad Bar will help you to stay in your form.
Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik provides also Catering Services for every kind of organization or special days.

How to Get There:
Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik
Ristorante Pizzeria Venedik is placed in the very heart of Izmir so it is really easy to reach there by either
walking or by taking a taxi.
We recommend you to check walking routes in Walk Izmir.
Contact Information:
Address: 1382 sk. (Gül sokak) 10/A-B Alsancak,Izmir
Tel: 0090 232 4221826  (Reservation recommend on weekends)

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