Şeref Usta – Güzelbahçe

Şeref Usta – Güzelbahçe

Submitted on: 14 Oct 16

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Seref Usta  Guzelbahce: Sleazy in a good way!

Seref Usta is a place where you cannot know about unless a friend of yours or Eatinizmir recommends it to you. Found in the heart of the gardens away from the main road it is surprisingly full of people. Do not expect much from the environment including the quality of the tables and chairs (or sofas in some instances) however the appetizers and especially the liver is outstanding.

We have tried many appetizers where we really liked all of them and the specialty is the fried liver which you must try. Potato in casserole was great, pickles are homemade and delicious all of the other appetizers with yogurt is also pretty good.

Overall Eatinizmir recommends Seref Usta Guzelbahce if you want to find your self away from the noise of the city in the middle of gardens and taste great food.


How to get there:

Address: Yelki, 35310 Güzelbahçe/İzmir, Türkiye

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