Slow Saloon, Seferihisar

Slow Saloon, Seferihisar

Submitted on: 14 Sep 13

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Elena's Review:

Slow Saloon, Seferihisar: A Wooden Temple to Slow Food Movement


Slow Saloon: Breakfast. By Lena Devlen

Organic food in Izmir is enjoying a general boom, but few places take the organic concept to the level of Slow Saloon in Ulamis (Seferihisar). In Slow Saloon, not only the cuisine but also the building itself and the surroundings are as close to being “natural” as they can get.

Two men, Ozgur Guler and Levent Kutluca, later joined by another partner, Mert Usanmaz, built their restaurant completely out of wood, relying on traditional, rather than modern, building techniques and materials. Now a spacious two-story mansion, Slow Saloon is open every day from 7 am, offering a rich organic breakfast, homemade bread, and a variety of locally made dishes.

The restaurant sits in the corner of a wide field. The field is split up into separate areas with fences made out of logs. The central stage has been allocated to wooden verandahs housing Seferihisar’s Organic Bazaar, which takes place every Saturday. Areas for open-air weddings, a pond, as well as grazing meadows for calves, horses and donkeys complete the picture. Behind the field is Ulamis village, whose farmers supply many of the ingredients used in Slow Saloon’s kitchen. Some dishes are prepared by the village women.

Slow Saloon organic food Izmir

Slow Saloon: Delicious boreks

Weekends are most popular with those looking to have breakfast here. Patrons quickly fill Slow Saloon’s balconies and enjoy homemade boreks, the traditional breakfast fare of cheeses, olives, vegetables and jams, as well as a local specialty “tortu” – whey collected from yesterday’s milk and cooked on slow fire for 4-5 hours. According to Seda, a waitress we spoke with, it takes a week’s output in milk to produce 1 liter of “tortu”.

For lunch or dinner, you could have keshkek (a chicken dish) or doner from grass-fed beef, among other options. Slow Saloon also takes reservations and specific requests as to the menu.

If you do stop by for lunch or dinner, don’t expect any alcohol with your meal, though. The reason, we were told, has more to do with strict regulations than ideology.

Slow Saloon opened its doors for the first time on July 15 and has quickly become a family-friendly / breakfast restaurant of choice.

How to Get There:

Ulamış Köyü, Seferihisar – Izmir
Tel. 0232 746 88 18
If you travel from Izmir toward Seferihisar, the wooden mansion housing Slow Saloon is hard to miss. Once you reach Ulamis village, look to your left, opposite the gas station.

* The image on top is from Slow Saloon’s Facebook page. The other images are by Lena Devlen (c).

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