SPR Pub Agora

SPR Pub Agora

Submitted on: 27 Dec 10

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

SPR PUB – A Turkish Sport Pub

If you have ever been to England you already know that the Pub culture is pretty dominant. Sports Bars/Pubs are not so common in Turkey but you can find many of them. However in Izmir they are mainly located in Alsancak region, this is an exception located in the most famous shopping mall of Izmir (Agora AVM).

If you are looking for a beer and to watch a game SPR could be a good choice. SPR Pub Agora is a branch of SPR Pubs located in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana. The atmosphere of the pub is rather cozy but also elegant, you can also chat with your girl friend especially in the outdoor part of the pub without being disturbed by the game and the television. During colder nights they are using external heaters to keep you warm they also offer shawls.

General quality of the service is only acceptable, nothing more. Actually I was expecting a much better service from a place like that. I had spent a great effort every time to attract the attention of the waiters and even the manager was standing by the door looking to the tables with empty eyes.  Once you have their attention they are however kind to deal with you. For example I asked for a Coke Zero(Coca-Cola Zero, I said) they brought to me a Pepsi Max without a need of an explanation, this was awful.  Overall service quality should definitely be improved.

The food was another disappointment for me. I have tried a pizza called SPR Pizza, it is a standard special pizza with more or less everything on top. However it tastes like a frozen pizza and most probably it was. In a place with the quality and with such price tags, I was expecting a decent pizza not a frozen one. My company however tried Chicken Fajitas which is much more better. I can say it is tasty and I can grade the Fajitas with an average grade unlike the Pizza.

In general it is good place to have some drinks, chat with your friends and watch a game on TV however it is not a high quality restaurant with fresh made food. Eatinizmir, recommend SPR Pub if you are in the neighborhood and willing to watch a game. Otherwise look for an alternative, with these price levels you can eat much better food elsewhere.

How to get there:


Address: Agora AVM Mithatpasa Cad. No:1448 2/13 Balcova Izmir

Tel: 0232 259 26 00

email: agora@spr.com.tr

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