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Elena's Review:

Sushico: Decent sushi arrive in Izmir

Decent sushi has been an obvious omission among Izmir’s culinary offers. Then came late 2010, when an Asian fusion chain, Sushico, mercifully opened a branch in Alsancak. “Better late than never,” we said and started with a home delivery order of 60 pieces for 90 TL (currently 99 TL).

Sushico’s advantageous “paket servis”

Ordering your sushi home has an important advantage: it tends to cost less than eating at the restaurant. Of course, you will be forgoing the ambiance of eating out, but you will also be saving a trip to Alsancak: cab fares, traffic jams, the parking problem – you know. Sushico’s “paket servis” is definitely a great option for the homey types.

What is included in the 60-piece package?

  • Kani roll (surimi)
  • Sake roll (salmon)
  • Maguro roll (tuna)
  • Kappa roll (cucumber)
  • California roll (surimi & avocado)
  • Canadian roll (salmon outside)
  • Rainbow roll (assorted fish outside)
  • Crunchy roll (kani salad, tamago, cucumber, tempura flakes, tobikko)
  • Tokyo sandwich (maguro salad)
  • Spicy maguro avocado roll (avocado outside with spicy maguro salad inside)
  • Tamago nigiri (omelet)
  • Sake nigiri (salmon)
  • Mostly, basic types of sushi, but having craved for this since 2008, I am happy with the limited assortment there is. In Izmir, Sushico has no competition worth mentioning (at least, not yet).

    Another good thing is home deliveries arrive within the time promised and are generally well packaged. One problem I did encounter was when a delivery boy forgot the drinks included in the offer – and we noticed it too late.

    Sushico: Eating at the restaurant

    The restaurant is conveniently located behind Swissotel (opposite the Republic Square in Alsancak). It is rather small and thoroughly packed on weekends. A visit on a Thursday night, on the other hand, proved our reservation was a mere formality.

    The music is soft and the ambiance is pleasant. We rated this as a great place for a business lunch or a conversation-loaded dinner.

    Although salmon-dominated, the sushi tasted great at the restaurant.

    What I hated is my 160+-TL order of diverse rolls and sashimi all came on one (albeit big) plate.

    First, a feast for the eyes is an important part of eating out. I like my orders kept separate, as they are in the menu, so that I can enjoy each one in isolation from the other items I selected.

    Second, the sushi off the communal plate were – understandably – devoured within 30 minutes (“Hey, keep your chopsticks off my ikura!” – “No, I’m getting that!”), and this is not supposed to be fast food. Bring my orders one by one, give me time to savor them, and I will love you more.

    Sashimi Mix at Sushico also tasted great. But the pieces were too thick for convenient single bites or to share.

    Sushico in Turkey

    Operating since 1997, Sushico boasts 17 branches across Turkey. The Alsancak branch was opened in November 2010. By the way, sushi is not the only option on the menu. Feel free to try any other Chinese, Japanese, or Thai dishes and let me know if any of them would be worth forgoing my rainbow + dragon + geisha roll assortment.

    How to get there


    Address: Şehit Nevres Bulvarı No: 2/F (Swissotel), Alsancak, Izmir
    Tel: (0232) 484 00 70


    1. Ozan Devlen

      Great review by Lena as always. Although I like my fish cooked!

    2. Oya Oztim DiCosimo

      I totally agree with the sushi comments,they are delicious and as a sushi-lover, I believe Sushico has no competiton in Izmir. Although I think very highly of their sushi, the Chinese food they make(yes I will dare say this)is horrible! I had the chance to try Chinese food in a lot of different places and countries yet I have never tasted such “tasteless” Chinese food. Let me put it this way; the noodles that I make at home are a lot better! I haven’t tried their Japanese or Thai food so I won’t talk about that part but they should change their Chinese Cuisine manager immediately. It tastes bad and portions are too small, it really does not match with Sushico’s well deserved reputation on Sushi. They should either fix this problem or take everything else off their menu and just make what they make the best; Sushi! Or else I will have to get in that kitchen to show them how to make Chinese food! 🙂

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