Tavaci Recep Usta

Tavaci Recep Usta

Submitted on: 27 Feb 11

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Cüneyt Küçükören's Review:

New kid on the block

At the most famous spot of Izmir a brand new restaurant with a capacity of 650 people. Which is quite packed nowadays so reservations can save life.

Delicious diced lamb fried on iron plates is the thing you should try, which stands for tava in Turkish and on t name plate of the place you can see this expression “Tavacı” which means the person who does this dish, and Recep quite obvious is the name of the chef. The place is a blend of traditional and the modern. You can see a very  modern lighting when you look around and when you order “Ayran” to drink they serve it in a copper cup with a big spoon to drink with.

There is a dish called “Borcam” in translation means  Pyrex, they serve mixed kebab in this and can be enough for 2 people. As treat they serve a small salad steak tartar a la turca, meatballs stuffed with cracked wheat and stuffed aubergines, before the main course.

Typically there are desserts to try (helva can be my recommendation) but the most intriguing thing is that you will see a man in a traditional dress with a big copper container walking around, be patient and wait the character is so conscious that if you are still eating, he does not approach your table and when you are done it means you are ready to taste the “Mırra” “the grandfather of espresso” in quotation from the man who serves it and bon appetite…

Ozan Devlen’s comments:

I enjoyed Tavaci Recep Usta with Cuneyt, Tavaci Recep has started his first restaurant in 1978 when he was just 17 years old. After successful restaurants in Istanbul and Ankara now he land in Izmir. Frankly speaking Tavaci Recep is one of the fanciest places in Kordon. The food was great we tried Borcam and Ali Nazik both was absolutely tasty.  However there is only one downside that they only serve Wine as a alcoholic drink, I would like to try Raki with this great food. Overall if you like meat especially lamb this is may be the best place for you to pay a visit in Izmir.

How to get there:

Address: Ataturk Caddesi No:364 Alsancak

Tel: 0232 444 1978 / 0232 463 38 97

Fax: 0232 422 61 71

Tavaci Recep Usta

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