Tea and Pot

Tea and Pot

Submitted on: 22 Mar 12

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Heike Schnetgöke's Review:

Tea & Pot: Where Tea Matters

This is the place you have to go for tea. It is a very tiny little spot and you probably have walked by there a million times. But next time: STOP, SIT and have a tea. There you will find a great selection of teas you will probably find no where else in Izmir and the quality is great.

I agree if you say the place could be bigger. In summer it is a bit better. You can sit outside and look at all the busy people running by.

Bring a good book and take some time for yourself and enjoy the Cicek Cayi. And if your hips still allow you some sweets don´t stop yourself now and try the brownie… hmmmmmmm

You could buy some tea there and give at as a gift to a dear friend. They will love it.  (or you can keep it…)

How to Get There:

Adres : 1379 Sokak 15 / B Kültür Mahallesi Alsancak/İZMİR
Telefon : 0 (232) 463 57 52
E-Mail : info@teapot.com.tr

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