Tex Mex Restaurant

Tex Mex Restaurant

Submitted on: 25 Nov 10

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Tex Mex – A Mexican in Izmir

It is not always easy to find the cuisine you like in a foreign city. At least it is not easy to find a good one. Tex Mex can easily be considered as a good Mexican restaurant. Starting from the music they play, the atmosphere and the food of course is absolutely Mexican, hence I have never been in Mexico, I did try some Mexican restaurants in Germany, for example world infamous Sausalitos (http://www.sausalitos.de/) is one of my favorites.

Tex Mex has a decent ambiance which will let you to speak with your company. The level of music is well balanced and also solely Mexican. The seats are comfortable and the service quality is pretty good.  Some features of Tex Mex can be listed as:

  • Take away service
  • No commission on  any credit cards
  • No service charge
  • Children Menu
  • Sunday Bruncg
  • Wireless Internet Connection

Regarding the menu, you have a large enough selection with Mexican starters, Mexican specials and also some local tastes from Turkish and International Cuisine like Schnitzel or Tire Kebab. You can also try Pizzas and Salads as well. They are all served in a nicely decorated plates with great taste.

Eatinizmir tried and highly recommend Fajitas, you can either choose Chicken, Beef, Shrimps or Combo (Combination of Chicken and Beef, served for two), we tried Combo and it was extremely tasty. Even though I asked specially for a low level of chilly (please use less hot! I asked) it was still so damn hot! I couldn’t imagine the original 🙂 however I should admit that I do not like hot stuff.

The service of the Fajitas was really good and the plate was literally burning, it was smoking hot even when we finished the whole plate. They served the Fajitas with four different sauces, Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese, Sour Creme. However I missed shredded cheese and some chopped  lettuce as I am used to be served in Sausalitos.

Overall it is the best place you can try Mexican food in Izmir and the prices are acceptable. They also have a wine list with also good price levels. By the way one part of the restaurant is reserved for smokers, you can have a indoor smoking place while you are having your dinner.Eatinizmir recommend Tex Mex as a fine dining restaurant.

Tip: You will have a %10 discount if you follow the link and make an online reservation.

How to get there:

Phone: 0.232.279 23 52
Gsm: 0.506.467 61 91-92
Fax: 0.232.277 38 05
Izmir Belt Highway, Opposite of Selway Outlet Park

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