Tika Basa Inciralti

Tika Basa Inciralti

Submitted on: 11 Jan 11

Category: Turkish Cuisine

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Ozan Devlen's Review:

Tika Basa Inciralti – Breakfast

I was willing to find another good place for breakfast as it is pretty usual for the folk of Izmir to dine out for breakfast especially on Sundays. This time I researched the Internet and find a close by alternative, Tika Basa.

Tika Basa means “Stuffed, Chockablock, Repletion” so in Turkish it means you can eat till you are FULL 🙂 this sound promising. We head to Tika Basa in Inciralti a great province of Izmir for nature based activities because most of the places are build in gardens between mandarin gardens which is very common in the area.

Tika Basa is a regular breakfast place with indoor and outdoor option. Due to the weather we chose indoor. It is heated by a Kuzine (kitchen stove, a.k.a Dutch Oven)  which is lovely because it smells pretty good. The place was quite and welcoming the staff is inexperienced by they don’t disturb you at all.

The breakfast is not the greatest we had in Izmir nor the widest variety however it was really delicious. Most of the places are serving honey with clotted cream as an integral part of the regular breakfast but here it was extra. Nevertheless we ordered honey-clotted cream and double fried eggs with kasseri cheese it was also above-average.

One of the best thing is the Bazlama (flat bread baked on an iron sheet) which was very warm and tasty. Overall I like the place and the attitude of the owners and staff. Eatinizmir, recommends Tika Basa as a decent place for breakfast. They also offer Countryside Wedding for couples, considering the place I think it can hold 300 people in such an occasion.

How to get there:

Tika Basa

Adress: Yildiz sok. no:94 Inciralti Izmir

Tel: 0232 279 27 25
Fax: 0232 279 27 25

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