Wok & Roll Chinese Restaurant, Levent Marina

Wok & Roll Chinese Restaurant, Levent Marina

Submitted on: 15 Jul 13

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Wok & Roll Chinese Restaurant, Levent Marina: A hot new place to go for Chinese in Izmir

Wok & Roll Chinese Restaurant IzmirLast week we had the chance to visit Wok & Roll Chinese Restaurant, one of the recent additions to the attractive group of restaurants in Levent Marina. An affordable pre fixe menu for two started with a punchy hot and sour soup, followed by classical offerings of stir-fried beef, chicken and beans, salad, and lo-mein.

The sashimi we ordered lived up to its name, although the variety was hardly outstanding. (Like elsewhere in Izmir, we might add.)

One caveat: if you like early dinners in summer, be prepared to sweat, as most of Wok & Roll Restaurant’s outdoor tables stay under the sun until after 6:30 pm. There are indoor tables too, but I am yet to see an Izmirli patron choosing to be inside on a good summer day.

Overall though, this is a hot new place to go for Chinese in Izmir and worth a trip to Uckuyular.

How to Get There

Wok & Roll Chinese Restaurant
Haydar Aliyev Bulvari No:4, Levent Marina, Izmir
Tel: 0232 259 7 259

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