YuzdeYuz Restaurant Cafe (Revisited)

YuzdeYuz Restaurant Cafe (Revisited)

Submitted on: 20 Mar 12

Category: Mediterranean Cuisine

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Elena's Review:

%100 Restaurant Cafe: From Pizza to Sushi in Konak Pier

*For an earlier review of %100 at EatInIzmir, please see this page*

Whenever I see a menu that offers anything from sushi and steaks to pizza and spaghetti, I know I’ve found a place that caters to general taste rather than offering a culinary adventure. This was the case with %100 Restaurant Cafe, located at the tip of Konak Pier. While %100 (pronounced as yüzdeyüz) has much to be praised for, a few things left me sitting on a fence with this Izmir restaurant.

The Basics

Let’s start with the positives. One thing I really liked about %100 Restaurant Cafe was its location. It’s a two-floor restaurant-cafe with a seaside terrace at the back of the Konak Pier shopping gallery. This means two things: It’s very accessible from anywhere in Izmir. If you sit outside or have a good table by the window, you get a premium view of the Izmir bay. The decorations inside were tasteful and not overbearing, which allows you to focus on the food while enjoying a pleasant ambiance. The menu came in Turkish and English, and the English was (mostly) good.

Food & Drinks

A small complimentary appetizer of tiny Mediterranean olives and a variety of bread buns opened the dinner. We ordered two starters – arancini ai porcini (crispy fried risotto balls with a porcini mushroom filling) and quatro pesci marinara, a cold seafood dish.

We didn’t risk with the sushi menu, because years of experience in Izmir have taught me that unless a restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine, what you get is not unlike the pre-packaged sushi from a supermarket. If you have tried sushi at %100 Restaurant Cafe, please feel free to share your experience in the comments.

For the main course, we ordered entrecote Cafe de Paris and fried quail wings with risotto.

It was a pleasant surprise that the steak ordered as rare indeed came very tender and seared only at the top and the bottom. A lot of places in Izmir are successful only within the medium – medium-to-well range. The quail wings were juicy and came in a crispy potato nest. We compliment the chef for the presentation.

On the down side, one of the spices used in the Cafe de Paris sauce overpowered the taste, and risotto, while good in consistency, was not top-notch.

%100 Restaurant Cafe has a decent selection of drinks: non-alcoholic beverages, wine by glass or bottle, cocktails. My Bloody Mary was adequate, even if a menu typo re-christened the drink to “Bloody Marry.”

What Could Have Been Better

The service, on the other hand, could and should have been better. First, we had to wait a tad too long to order, even though there were few patrons at the restaurant. Second, the waiter seemed to have forgotten our request for extra olive oil. At a pricey place like %100, one shouldn’t have to ask twice.

It is no secret that a part of what you pay for at expensive restaurants is presentation. Good until the very end, my experience was ruined by what seems an egregious oversight.

We ordered a desert with hot beverages at the end of the meal. Tiramisu was delicious, if a bit too soft for the optimal taste. But the main problem was the Turkish tea I ordered. Priced at 5 TL, it came in an overused glass on a cracked saucer. Exactly the kind you get in any shabby place in Kordon for 1 TL or in a kahve for 50 kuruş. You would think a pricey restaurant would not offer an appalling relic like this to a client who is about to leave 200 TL (price for our dinner for two) on the table.

Last impressions are very powerful. They are what a patron is leaving the restaurant with. Until seeing that cracked saucer, I was willing to ignore the minor glitches in the food and service. But now I am left wondering: is %100 Restaurant Cafe too expensive for the kind of a place it is (mid-level, more a lunch-time cafe than a fancy-dinner restaurant) or is it simply not good enough for the class it is aiming for? Considering that this restaurant has done so many things right, it’s a pity that they failed to live up to their full potential.

How to Get There:

Please visit our earlier review for the map and address of %100.

Restaurant website: http://www.yuzdeyuz.info/

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